Eaton Good Food Council

Eaton Good Food Council

The Eaton Good Food Council is a county-wide food related group in Eaton County. The group formed with the intentions of making eating good food a priority for the county.

 “For our group, good food means green, healthy, fair and affordable,” said Michigan State University Extension Educator Becky Henne, a leader in the group. “There is great opportunity for better nutrition for kids, better overall health, better connections between rural and urban and economic development, just to name a few” said Henne. “That is why we initially came together.”

Eaton Good Food has brought together a large group of people that represent farming, K-12 education, food service programs, food pantries, county government, restaurants, hospitals and farmers markets to name a few. Food access, nutritious school food, chronic disease and local food campaigns are among the top priorities for the group.

The Eaton Good Food Council is just one of many groups affiliated with the Michigan Food Policy Council (MFPC) network. The MFPC was created in 2005 and is funded in part by W.K. Kellogg Foundation. To date, more than 40 counties have similar groups that convene around food, food access, food security and food availability. The group is a network of different food related companies that review policies that can improve the future of Michigan’s food. The mission of MFPC, along with Eaton Good Food, is to improve the safety, health and availability of the food supply for all Michigan and Eaton County residents.

For more information on the Eaton Good Food Council, contact Becky Henne at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 517-543-2310.