Dog Committee

Boy showing dogThe Dog Committee provides educational opportunities for all youth and volunteers involved in the dog project throughout the county and holds the Pre-Fair Dog Show in May.

The annual committee meeting is held in October or November and a spring informational meeting is held in February or March. Next meeting is March 8 at 6:30 p.m. in the PMR.

May 1 Dog Project Form

Eaton County 4-H Pre-Fair Dog Show

The 2017 Pre-Fair Dog Show will be on May 20 at the Eaton County fairgrounds.

The Eaton County 4-H Pre-Fair Dog Show occurs in May on the Eaton County fairgrounds.

Participants may be 4-H or non-4-H members, adults or youth. 4-H rules and regulations are followed for the show. Current vaccination records for dogs in the show will need to be submitted with registration. No puppies under 5 months of age will be allowed to show.

2017 Flyer

2017 4-H Pre-Fair Dog Fun Match Registration Packet