Michigan 4-H expands statewide recruitment campaign

4-H Join the Club!With a goal of expanding its reach to 20 percent of the state’s youth population by the year 2020, MSU Extension has launched phase two of a statewide 4-H recruitment campaign. Utilizing multiple advertising channels and supported by local county efforts, the campaign hopes to reach thousands of caring adult volunteers and new potential 4-H’ers. The 2015 campaign is an expansion of the statewide volunteer recruitment campaign MSU Extension launched in fall 2014 with support from the Michigan Community Service Commission. Though the campaign continues to emphasize the need for adult volunteers to serve 4-H youth, phase two of the campaign will also focus on recruiting new youth members to Michigan 4-H Youth Development.

Read more about the Michigan 4-H statewide recruitment campaign or visit the Michigan 4-H page to learn more.

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  • Michigan is number one in the nation in chestnut production, with more than 100 farms consisting of 600 acres.

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